Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crunch Time Starts Now!

We now have 21 bands coming from as far as Beirut Lebanon, Washington DC and NYC.
Today I found out there are 4-5 school bands that have not registered.  We are now on a tight time line and the following  month must be devoted to organization.

Permits, Posters and final band registration MUST be completed by Monday to ensure the success of the event.  The amount of attention that is brought to the Sound School because of this event is tremendous.

In addition to the Battle of the Bands, we will be filming a Music Video and Movie at GREENFEST that will feature the Sound School to the world.  The movie is called "WaterCar"  how appropriate it is filmed at an Aquacultural School.   The Movie is being Produced by myself and one of the founders of YO MTV RAPS.  Check it out! Everyone that shows up to GREENFEST will be in the movie.  The winner of the Battle of The Bands will be featured in the Music video.

We need your help, so if you have signed up for a committee please make some time to follow through.
Do you know of a teacher or parent that would be interested in helping, please invite them to fill out the volunteer form.  Thanks

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